Does Your Home NEED an Upgrade?


Here are some ways you can modernize the look for your home, without going through a complete home renovation.  

* Update your Cabinet Handles

* Remove Old Carpets 

* Give your Ceilings a fresh coat of Paint 

* Update Kitchen Appliances 

* Replace Old Ceilings fans

Time to declutter

  Go Outside In, and Inside Out, The front porch and walkway give buyers their first impression of your home. House hunters often scout out neighborhoods and drive by listings before they attend open houses.  
Declutter and Clean,  Kitchen


  • Clear counters of small appliances.
  • Keep towels and potholders in drawers
  • keep sponges and cleansers in a shallow bowl under the sink.
  • Pack rarely used appliances, tools and pans 
  • Pot racks, utensils hanging on walls and other open kitchen storage can be unsightly.
  • Pack away rarely gear like aprons, and unusual spices to air out pantries, drawers and cabinets.           People need to envision their own stuff in the storage spaces.
  • Remove evidence of problems, such as ant powder, from closets.






  • Corral prescription drugs in a child-safe area or, better yet, secure them in a different location to             keep them from harm’s way.
  • Find a different or temporary home for perfume, jewelry, and rarely used toiletries.
  • Pack or toss all but two changes of linens to create an airy look in your closets.
  • Refresh shelf and drawer liners.
  • Remove any mothballs.
  • Corral cleaning gear in a single, child-safe spot.
  • Clean and repair grout.





  • Pack out-of-season clothes and linens and store somewhere else..
  • Choose a light set of linens for each bed, with nice decorative pillows. Now is the time to clean               comforters, duvets and quilts so they are fresh.
  • Remove family photos on display. Pack the rest..


Living, Dining and Family Rooms



  • Clear out magazines and hobby materials.
  • Is there sufficient lighting for reading? Rearrange lighting to ensure that the rooms are well lit at any       time.
  • Clean the window treatments and the windows. 
  • Check walls and trim work for dirt and cracks. Do surfaces need to be repainted? 
  • Choose only a few pillows for accents. 


High Traffic Areas



  • Front halls set the first impression. Yours should offer a spot for setting down umbrellas,  and coats.
  • Remove out of season clothing from the hall closet.
  • Make sure the doorbell and entrance systems work consistently.
  • What is the view from the front door? The more of your house that visitors can see from the front           door, the more intrigued they will be.
  • Remove hooks and hanging things from halls.


Focus and Functionality

  Focus on the basics: a high quality stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, and solid faucet. Don’t get carried away  

Have A Friend Do A Walk-Thru


Most likely you have accumulated lots of things if you’ve lived in your house for any period of time. Pictures, books, accessories, small appliances, toys, pet gear, hobby materials… The piles can seem endless.

Get a friend who has  decorating taste, someone you admire to walk-thru your house with you and give you  proper criticism. Your goal here is to help buyers see the house you are selling. Any furniture or decorating that prevents them from seeing the best features of your house should be your first staging priority. 

Ask your friend to be totally honest!!. Then, put the free feedback to use.